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We are one of the leading Pancreatic Surgeon in Nadiad. A distended or swollen pancreas may cause upper stomach discomfort that spreads to the back. Visit Dr. Darshan Patel in Nadiad for pancreas-related illnesses, including pancreatic cancer and necrotizing pancreatitis. For the finest pancreas treatment in Nadiad. The pancreas, which is six to ten inches in length, is found beneath the stomach. The small intestine, liver, and other digestive system organs surround it. The function of the pancreas is critical in the digestion and absorption of nutrients from meals. Both digestion and blood sugar regulation is aided by it. If you are diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, don’t wait. Consult nadiad’s most experienced Pancreatic Cancer Surgeon in Nadiad.

Frequently Asked Question about Pancreatic Treatment

When it comes to the pancreas, often patients suffer from pancreatitis: the inflammation of the pancreas. However, there are many different problems and diseases associated with the pancreas.

In cases where specific parts of the pancreas are inflamed and causing severe pain, they can be surgically removed.

There is no doubt that the Whipple procedure is a painful operation. This is largely due to the extent of the organs being removed or rearranged and the proximity of the pancreas to nerves as they exit the spine at the back of the abdomen during the operation.

A quick glance shows how long things could take: The procedure takes 4-12 hours. Recovery in the hospital can last 7-14 days.