Bile Duct Surgery

Bile Duct Surgery in Rajkot

The liver produces and releases bile, which is subsequently transported to the small intestine, where it aids in the digestion and absorption of food. Bile is transported by a system of tube-like structures known as bile ducts. The liver, gallbladder, and pancreas are all connected to the small intestine through the common bile duct. Bile duct exploration is a method used to determine if anything is impeding the passage of bile from the liver and gall to the intestine, such as a stone. Bile can back up into the liver if something blocks the bile duct. This can result in jaundice, which causes the skin and pupils of the eyes to become yellow. One of the best surgeries of bile duct is done at Rajkot. If the stone or obstruction is not removed, the bile duct may become infected, necessitating emergency surgery. This surgery can be performed while the gall bladder is being removed. General anaesthetic will be provided to the patient. This helps the patient fall asleep faster by relaxing the muscles. During the treatment, patients will not experience any discomfort.

A tiny cut is made in the belly, and the doctor locates the bile duct and injects a dye into it. The doctor next performs an X-ray to determine the location of the stone or obstruction. If stones are discovered, the doctor will remove them by a cut in the bile duct. A tube may be inserted into the bile duct by the doctor. The tube that drains bile into a bag outside the body emerges from the skin. From seven days to many weeks, the bag remains in place. Before removing the tube, the surgeon may repeat the dye treatment. The patient will be required to stay in the hospital for one to four days following the surgery. They will also be urged to refrain from vigorous activities for four to six days before returning to their doctor for a check-up. The operation should alleviate patient's discomfort while also lowering the infection risk and jaundice.

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