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Chronic Pancreatitis is a pancreatic inflammatory disease that worsens with time. Apart from diabetes, steatorrhea, and weight loss, abdominal discomfort is the most disabling condition impacting quality of life. Treatment options have changed over the years, with the goal of providing long-term pain relief while also attempting to sustain or enhance weak endocrine and exocrine processes. Surgical Treatment methods, which are broadly split into drainage, resection, and combination hybrid operations, have demonstrated the ability to deliver improved long-term results when compared to pharmacological and endoscopic modalities. The decision is based on the shape of the pancreatic duct, the existence of a head mass, and the presence of a Chronic Pancreatitis Complication. Given the nature of the illness, complete pancreatectomy appears to be a curative possibility, although it comes with considerable side effects.

With fair success, there has been a recent radical change toward organ sparing surgical treatments. Despite recent advancements in Chronic Pancreatitis Treatment methods, quality of life remains modest and requires more attention. Surgery to relieve pressure or blockages in a pancreatic duct, or to remove a damaged or infected section of the pancreas, may very well be recommended by the surgeon practising at Rajkot. Surgeons may undertake surgery to remove the entire pancreas, following by islet auto-transplantation, in patients who do not recover with other treatments. Islets are pancreatic cell clusters that produce hormones such as insulin. Specialists will extract islets from the pancreas and implant them into patient's liver once the pancreas has been removed. The islets will begin to produce hormones that will be released into circulation.

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