Robotic Liver Transplant Surgery

Robotic Liver Transplant Surgery in Rajkot

Within the field of liver surgery, robotic liver surgery is a growing specialty. Some of the constraints of both open or Laparoscopic Surgery can be solved with the robotic platform. Indeed, as technology advances, the number of robotic liver resections, as well as their complexity, has the potential to grow. In this chapter, we'll go over the present robotic platform, the current function of robots in liver surgery, and the available data on patient outcomes from the literature. The best potential treatment for many people with liver tumours, whether benign or malignant, is liver resection. With improved anaesthetic methods, a better understanding of liver pathophysiology, and better peri-operative patient management, liver surgery has become a safe procedure with great patient outcomes in the modern period. This breakthrough in patient care has been accompanied by a better knowledge of the nature of major liver surgery and an improvement in surgical accuracy.

Surgery, in particular, has progressed toward limited access surgery, following the lead of other medical fields. Abnormal liver surgeons have begun to build robotic liver surgical programmes based on their expertise with laparoscopic liver surgery. Many institutes throughout the globe have used robot-assisted surgery to accomplish difficult liver surgeries. This chapter presents an overview of the emerging area of robotic liver surgery, including current mobile robots, surgical procedures, and patient results. We at Dr. Darshan Patel believe in keeping up with technology and strive to provide a pleasant experience for our patients. The future of robot liver surgery may lie in using this platform to perform more complex liver surgery, such as extended liver resections, or by incorporating digital technology into the operating system, but most importantly, randomised clinical trials are essential for the field to continue evolving.

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