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Pancreatic Surgery, namely has been described as a "challenging" procedure. It is a technical challenge for surgeons, as well as a demanding experience for patients and a significant logistical load on hospital resources. The classic Pancreatic Surgery established by Whipple, as well as variations such as the Pylorus-Preserving (PP) Pancreatic Treatment and the duodenum-preserving pancreas head resection, are all examples of pancreatic head resection. Distal pancreatectomy is done to remove lesions from the pancreas' body and/or tail. In the treatment of chronic pancreatitis, surgery is becoming increasingly crucial. The alleviation of persistent pain and the decompression of neighbouring organs are the two basic purposes of surgery. The head of the pancreas, most of the small intestine, a section of the bile duct, the gallbladder, and accompanying lymph nodes are all removed during this treatment. The pancreatic body, the whole intestine, and a piece of the stomach may be removed in rare circumstances.

The procedure usually takes six hours to complete. Following the surgery, most patients at Sigels stay in the hospital for one to two weeks. Some Pancreatic Surgical Operations can be performed using minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, which provide a number of benefits to patients, including less bleeding, a decreased risk of complications, faster healing, and a faster overall recovery. We have the finest Pancreatic Surgeon in Rajkot and Surgeons are frequently the first specialists to discuss prospective cures and treatment choices at Dr. Darshan Patel. The surgeon advises patients who are going to have pancreatic surgery on the best way to proceed based on their experience.

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