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Hernia Surgery in Rajkot

We have the best doctors who hold expertise in open surgeries. out of which, one of them is Hernia Surgery in which a single lengthy incision is made in the hip for open Hernia Repair Surgery. The bulge is pulled back into place if the hernia is bulging out from the abdominal wall. The hernia sac is either pulled back or tied off and excised if the hernia is progressing down the indirect canal. Traditionally, the hernia's weak area in the muscular wall has been treated by stitching the margins of healthy muscle cells together. This is excellent for minor hernias that were present since birth, as well as healthy tissues where sutures may be used without causing further tissue stress.

However, depending on the region of muscular layer to be mended and the surgeon's inclination, the surgical method differs. Most patients who have open hernia repair surgery can go home the same day since Dr. Darshan Patel has the finest Hernia Surgeons in Rajkot. The recovery period is around three weeks. After three weeks, patients should be able to resume modest activities.

Rigorous activity should be avoided for at least six weeks after the patient has recovered. Don't do something that will hurt. the patient treated should be capable of driving again in about 2 weeks, or when the patient is no longer having a discomfort. In around three weeks, they should be able to engage in sexual activity. Following hernia surgery, swelling around the wound is normal. This does not imply that the surgery was a failure. After Hernia Surgery, the doctors recommend using ice or a cold pack to the region for 10 to 20 minutes at a time to relieve swelling and pain. Continue this process every 1 to 2 hours. Place a small towel between the skin and the ice.

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